(Horror/Dark Fantasy Novellas)

Welcome to Middletown.
Please don’t go out alone at night, bolt your doors and windows, and don’t talk to strangers.
Especially if they smell bad and can’t articulate words.
The Knights of Solomon are patrolling the streets, but we can’t promise that you will be safe all the time.
Don’t mind the strange noises and enjoy your stay.

#1 – Solomon’s Knot

Middletown is a dangerous city. There are creatures roaming at night, corpses that come back from the grave, demonic possessions, and necromancers. All sorts of things come from the fog, on the river. There is a rip in the fabric of reality, marking the border with the netherworld. Deadland, or the Sheol, as it’s called by the Knights of Solomon, who try to protect the city and its people with weapons and rituals. Asher is one of them, at least until he falls in love with a Daughter of Hecate, and all his world starts to fall apart.
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#2 – A Cut in the Mist

Asher has gone rogue since the incident of Lughnasad. But when you’ve sworn an oath, you can’t get rid of your legacy so easily. Middletown still needs him. There’s a scary creature roaming the night with a long serpent tail and a thirst for blood. The necromancers too are looking for Asher, and an even more dangerous journey awaits him. Something he needs to do, in order to soothe his pain and find a new meaning to his life.
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#3 – Blood Trail

The celebrations for Imbolc are approaching. Everything seems back to the usual routine of Middletown, but that means a new terrible creature is ready to bring death and fear among the people. This time both the Knights of Solomon and the Sons of Hecate will be affected closely, and will have to choose between the lives of their brethren and the safety of the city.

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#4 – Lady of Hell

Beltane, the fourth Sabbat, the return of the light, Asher’s birthday.
The spring is being too hot in Middletown and a thick fog is spreading from the river. Something big is about to happen. The undead are rising, and the Knights are back to save the day. Maybe there is a way to lift the curse of Middletown. But at what cost?

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Under the Menhir – A Fantasy Novella
A dangerous secret is buried deep under the Menhir du Champ-Dolent.