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What am I working on?

Hello there!

I’ve been quiet for a while, taken a vacation, and just posted Sims 4 builds, but I’m still working behind the scenes.

To be fair, I’m stuck in Editing Hell. I’ve been rewriting my fantasy series since March 2019 – in Italian for now – and I’m yet to see the end of book one.

I’m close though. At around 118.000 words and still a few thousands to write and fix, trying to get out of this endless cycle of polishing and rewriting and changing my mind… It’s just that this story is very dear to me and I want to tell it as best as I can.

I have plans, a lot, but I won’t reveal them now because I know that as soon as I speak, everything falls apart and I can never get things done. So let’s leave a bit of mystery.

But I’m planning to translate some other of my stuff (both romance and fantasy) so we’ll see how that goes.

In the meantime, we are still quarantined, so not much to do here. (But I’ve never been a social animal anyway).

Hope everyone is doing well out there.

On a brighter note, today marks 12 years since I first spoke (or wrote is the right term) to the person that became my significant other, and we are still together, so there’s that.

I’ll go back to my stuff now. See ya.

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